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Offender ID

Offender ID

Offender ID

It is essential when working in the security industry that you undergo specified training programmes that result in the recognised qualifications you will need for all aspects of security. Individuals applying for a SIA licence must prove that they are properly qualified to do their job with the particular set of skills needed for the vastly expanding security industry. This results in a professional and capable workforce, equipped with the correct abilities for every aspect of security.

This product is an effective piece of Personal Protective Equipment for security guards, door supervisors, close protection officers, cash valuables in transit (CVIT) operatives, traffic wardens, community safety wardens, park rangers, retail security guards, site security guards, enforcement officers and all other front-line staff that face risk of violence or criminal activity within their occupational fields throughout England and Wales.

This new system uses a highly conspicuous Red DNA spray to mark criminals with a bright red, indelible bio-synthetic DNA code, forensically linking the offender to the exact time and place of the offence, ensuring conviction.

The product has been specifically designed to assist security personnel to keep themselves safe in the workplace and to help in the fight against crime by providing a visible, legal and totally reliable method of identifying serious offenders.

The Offender ID Spray is the first accredited system for marking criminals at the scene, enabling them to be identified later and forensically proving that they were there at the time of the offence.

Each canister contains a unique Red DNA™ which when deployed marks criminals with a bright red indelible biosynthetic DNA code. This provides individual, secure, registered evidence to the police in the event of a serious crime being committed.

Offender ID

Offender ID

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