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London Security Services

London Security Services


Best Security Services London

The list of security services London on offer from Firstline Security Limited is varied and immense. From the installation of CCTV cameras and alarms to the more complex aspects of stewarding and patrols with canines which can detect drugs or explosives, Firstline Security Limited has every type of security covered. The business not only helps with security at special events but can provide residential patrols around large areas where residents and patrons may feel vulnerable. Dog patrols can be arranged and combined with other security service London systems so that everyone feels that they are in a more safe and secure environment.

All the staff in charge of canine patrols are fully trained to the highest standards demanded by B.I.P.D.T ( British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) and N.A.S.D.U (National Association of Security Dog Users). Canine patrols are an excellent option for perimeter patrols, drug detection and for finding any traces of explosives. When combined with CCTV and electronic gates or doors with access control you can be certain that the whole range of security services London will be covered.

A Prestigious Security Service London

Many businesses need physical security service London staff to ensure that their clients and visitors are kept safe from harm. In addition, having first class security staff and canine patrols is a great way to deter possible intruders or vandals. As a cost effective approach to security service London, dog patrols are considered to be one of the best ways forward. When integrated with other security services London such as access control systems on doors and door supervisors or static guards, dog patrols are able to provide close protection

There is a list of security service London options on the website at Or, you can ring either 07960 331 675 or 0208 640 3914 for more detailed information about how to get the best security services London from Firstline Security Limited. Alternatively, complete your enquiry using the contact form and take advantage of the wealth of security services available for your special event

Security Services London

Security Services London

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